Zero Percent Processing

Cash Discount Program

Feel like you are paying too much in processing fees?

Our program will allow you to process cards without the huge expenses charged by processing companies. Stop paying fees and keep all of the revenue generated by your sales! We charge a set fee of $65/month, which will never increase regardless of the amount of your sales volume.


  • Average processing fees of 3.5% per transaction at a sales volume of $5,000/month = $175
  • $5,000/month in volume at a fixed fee of $65 = 1.3% in fees.

The higher your sales volume, the greater your realized savings!

Schedule an appointment today to get an actual quote on your cost savings. Call Jim at 303-419-2034 or send an email:

Month to Month Agreement

Accept All Major Credit Cards and EBT

PCI Compliant

Free EMV Credit Card Terminal

Accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet

Next Day Funding Available

In Store

Accept Payments At Your Business

Wireless and Mobile

Accept Payments On The Go


Accept Payments On The Web

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